The Whirlpool Tub–A Thing of the Past?

A thing of the past?

Looking back on older bathroom designs, you’ll notice a whirlpool tub in every opulent bathroom. Nowadays, however, these items are appearing less and less. With the upswing of free-standing tubs and walk in showers, the whirlpool seems to be becoming a thing of the past. Since most of these walk in showers are featuring multiple showerheads, the space available for a bigger tub has become less. With these changing trends, the new shower is very simply being chosen over the jetted tub. We haven’t forgotten about them here though! Granted, in modern society, most people don’t have the time to take a long, relaxing bath. But for those of you who do, why wouldn’t you want a massage while you soak? If you’ve got a larger bathroom, we still recommend using both. However you may choose to scale it down to a smaller, 2 person tub with jets, heaters, and bubbles. Give yourself the option. Ready to fall over after you come home from work? If you don’t forget about this option; then you’ve still got a place to unwind.

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