Remolding in the Winter Months

snow remodel

If you’re looking to remodel you’re home, deciding the right time is crucial for you and your family. Most people wouldn’t dream of putting their house under construction during the winter. It really depends on where you are physically are located but for those who live in the colder climates, remolding seems out of reach. Picking the winter months to do your remodels may actually be the best time.

Think about it, when are contractors busy? During spring, summer and fall, the wintertime work slows down for them so why not take advantage of that and hire someone who will be there to get your projects done. Scheduling with constructors will be easier during this time frame so pick projects that can be done with ease. You’ll see faster results because the competition isn’t so high. Plus, companies may offer incentives or discounts for booking a project during the winter.

Now would be the perfect time to go on that vacation! Take full advantage of not being home, this idea gives your family the chance to be away from the home as it’s being updated. Construction within the home can interfere with day-to-day life so why be there in the middle of the mess. It’s during this time major clean-ups can occur because the winter air won’t whirl around dusts and debris. And, if your family is able to take a vacation, consider a bathroom or kitchen remodel, which, if planned properly, can be completed in the time you are done!

Projects that occur outside can be a challenge depending on what you need done. Building porches, decks and outside shelters can be done during the winter. It’s a way to get ready for spring so you’ll be able to enjoy the warm weather once it comes. Although, I wouldn’t recommend painting the house but building additions can be done by separating your living space with large plastic drapery.

Keeping your house warm for such projects are important. If you have a fireplace now’s the time to use. Get rid of extra wooden debris with a roaring fire, this idea serves two purposes; removes waste and keeps you toasty warm. Just be careful that you burn all natural products, ask your constructor what is okay to burn. If your nervous about burning inside the warm or don’t have a fireplace, make a fire pit outside. Again this will cut down on debris that costs money to remove and will keep you warm. Check with city regulations to make sure burning is okay in your area.

To get the maximum results with the money you plan to spend discuss all options with your constructor. When it comes to scheduling, think about taking your vacation during renovations. This will keep you out of the way and make it easier for the constructors to work. If you are unable to indulge in a vacation consider staying with a friend, minimizing the amount of time you have to be in the house is good advice. Don’t be afraid to get what you want done in your home, take your time and consider how it will affect you and your family.

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