Organizing Bathroom Cleaning Products

bathroom products

One of the most beneficial things you can do in your bathroom is to clean it, only problem is you have to go searching house for cleaning supplies gather them up and tackle the job you dread. What if you designated an entire area to your cleaning supplies, wouldn’t it make life easier? Yes, here are a few things to consider when getting your bathroom cleaning supplies all organized.

First, let’s talk about what kind of supplies you’ll need for the bathroom:

*Glass Cleaner Spray or Wipes

*Foaming Tub and Tile Spray

*Floor Cleaner

*Paper Towels

*Toilet Bowl Cleaner w/Brush


*Scrub Brush

*Sponge w/Scouring Pad

*Powdered Cleaner (Ajax or Comet)


Having a caddy with a handle is the perfect way to move around you bathroom with all of your supplies right there at your fingers tips. There are many styles to choose from they also hold a lot of bottles at once.


Not only do they hold a lot but they also work great for keeping warm water in as you work the room. Fill it up with all-purpose cleaner and your good to go. These also have handles so you can hang with on the door or under the sink.


Just like caddies they hold a lot and can be placed under the sink, group with up depending on which items you’ll use. Put toilet bowl items together or the glass cleaner with the paper towels.

Storage Organizers

There are products out there designed to fit under your sink, here is where you can stack up all of your cleaning supplies neatly and easily.

Door Hanger

Try something new and utilize your vanity door, buy a plastic shoe holder from your local store and hang inside the door under the sink. This works well because there are at least nine pockets for sponges, clothes and cleaners.

All of these options are perfect ways to stay organized in the bathroom, if your lucky enough to have a linen closet then each of these options can go right in there. Closets with shelves will hold everything you need without bending over. If you have children keep the supplies high enough so they can’t reach them. For under the sink storage place a child safety lock under the doors. You don’t want children getting into poisonous cleaning supplies.

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