Warm Up Your Bathroom This Winter–WITHOUT Remodeling

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One thing you would absolutely enjoy as the winter season approaches is to be able to take a long, warm shower in your bathroom. Taking a nice warm bath especially on a chilly morning is one of life’s little blessings. However, most of the time, after leaving the shower, that awful cold feeling will start to rush in which can pretty much ruin the whole warm on winter experience. One of the ‘hot’ trending items being installed in modern bathrooms is under the floor heating. Installing this type of system can not only be costly, but a pain to install. So what are some ways to inexpensively add some heat to your bathroom this winter? We thought we’d share our suggestions here.

Cold air can simply go through even the slightest gaps and cracks on your windows. You will know this if there is a draft on the cross over section of the windows. Good weather stripping should be able to eliminate the problem but if the problem persists, apply silicon caulking around the edges to prevent any further drafts from entering.Prevent the cold from radiating into the bathroom by installing a see through window film on the window and the casing as well.

Simply installing heat lamps on your room can help keep your bathroom warmer. These lamps are affordable and can provide a good degree of heating that should make your bathroom warmer as you step out from the shower. Do install with caution by following the instructions. A heated towel rack is a luxury item you can add to warm up your towels when you step out.  You can purchase one that simply plugs in on an electrical outlet and these are available in a wide variety of designs. Additionally, space heaters can be purchased at a relatively low cost and are a definite good addition to a cold bathroom in the midst of winter.

Another helpful tip that might help make your room warmer, is to simply open your shower compartment doors open after a steamy shower. The steam will help keep your bathroom warmer without any extra cost.

What are some things you do in the winter to keep your bathroom toasty? Leave us a comment in the comment box below!



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