Tips On How to Size Light Fixtures for Your Bathroom Vanity

Lighting fixtures are extremely important when it comes to bathroom remodeling, and should not be overlooked. These need to be included in your remodel brainstorming and planning. It’s important to make sure the new light fixtures measure up nicely with the bathroom vanity.


First, you need to know how to size bathroom lighting fixtures. Basically, you will need to find lighting fixtures that are most suitable for the overall size of your bathroom and that coordinate well with the size of other items in the room.


It is important that you measure properly. An oversight of even an inch can leave you with a lot of trouble that cannot be easily solved. For the bathroom vanity, measure the space for width, length, and height. You will also need to know the measurements of your vanity first before deciding on the lighting fixtures you will incorporate with your vanity.


You can make a small bathroom feel warm and inviting by incorporating the appropriate light fixtures. Try recessed can ceiling light fixtures concentrated on work areas. You could also utilize indirect lighting somewhere at the wall junction. Sconces can save up a lot of space because they are attached to the walls, so you may place them on either side of the bathroom mirror above the sink. You can use more lighting fixtures if you layer your lighting and manage it with dimmer switches.


Large bathroom usually require extra lighting. Here you should consider recessed cans combined with over mirror wall lighting. If you have a wide sink or double sink vanity, you can consider a small lamp in addition to a hanging wall fixture. This is really only applicable for large bathrooms.


The first thing you need to do to start any bathroom remodel is to determine the style you want to employ. You need to have an idea of your overall theme before tearing the space apart or ripping your bathroom vanity off the existing floor plan. Fortunately, you can find very simple ways to establish the style that you want online. You could even easily find the size and prices you require for your particular project. Once you have a basic concept of what you want, start measuring. Remember, this job does involve water and electricity so keep safety a top priority.

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