Adding a New Bathroom Vanity

Home improvement projects are something that can greatly increase the resale value of a home, or just add value for the current homeowners. Often times, these projects can become costly, but there are smaller projects around the house that can be completed on a budget. Since the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house when it comes to resale value, putting in a new bathroom vanity is a simple, cost effective project to take on. In order to be successful with this type of project, there are a few key things that you need to know.

First off, you are going to need to get rid of the old bathroom vanity and sink that are already installed. Taking a look underneath the vanity will tell you how it is attached to the wall, and thus how to detach it from the wall. This might require taking out some screws, so having a good set of wrenches or a power drill on hand can save you some work. Once the vanity is detached, you might have to take a utility knife to run it around the edges to make sure it is completely away from the wall.

As with any pluming project, it is a good idea to shut off the water to the bathroom before you start getting too far. This will prevent any major mishaps if you do make a mistake. Taking off the countertop of the vanity first will save some work in getting the rest of it away from the wall. Once the top of the bathroom vanity is off, then you can look around again underneath and make sure any cabinets or molding are ready to be taken off. When you are sliding out the old vanity, or if you have to pry it away from the wall, it is a good idea to have a thin sheet or blanket in place to protect the flooring. You might also need to put a thin piece of wood between the pry bar and the wall to get the base of the vanity removed.

Once you have the old stuff taken out, then it is time to install the new bathroom vanity unit. Shopping online is a great option because it will afford you a fantastic selection of many styles and sizes of vanity. Take your time and be sure to find a vanity that fits your budget and the style you want to achieve.

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