Master Bathroom Mirrors: Form or Function?

Mirrors in the master bathroom can help establish the design, but they are also highly functional. The key elements when choosing a mirror are highly influenced by your usage of the bathroom mirror. For example: if you prefer the functional aspect of mirrors that are easy to clean, you probably don’t want an ornately carved wooden mirror.

First, think about the size of the mirror you need. If you like to check your outfits in the mirror, you’ll want to ensure you get a large mirror. A smaller mirror will be fine if you use the bathroom mirror to style your hair and brush your teeth. Also, consider adding a magnifying mirror for shaving, makeup application, and other detail-oriented activities.

Mirrors come in many shapes and sizes. Installing an unusually shaped mirror will instantly add interest to your bathroom. Curved mirrors emanate more feminine tones, while straighter angles tend to be masculine.

Mirror frame materials are important. All-glass mirrors with beveled edges or etchings are easily cleaned. Wooden mirrors will add warmth and elegance to the room. Stone mirrors and mosaic mirrors are great additions to more simple cabinetry. You’ll want to pick a material that complements the vanity and sink but don’t try to match them perfectly.

Mirrors can also include medicine cabinets, providing additional storage that is quickly accessed. Medicine cabinets no longer have to be bulky; check out these styles for a great modern look.

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Content Provided By: Julia Ritzenthaler

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