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  • Bathroom Lighting Ideas: Incorporating Fixtures for both Form and Function

    Bathrooms need successful lighting plans to do their jobs well. The mirror is trusted with showing us how we look as we prepare for the day, but bad lighting can alter that image. There are three main types of lighting used in every room: ambient, task and accent. A successful bathroom design will layer all three types together.

    Ambient lighting is generally manifested in recessed lights and ceiling mounted fixtures. The fixtures have a widespread beam of light that fills the room so we don’t stub any toes. Ambient lighting doesn’t have to be all about function. Decorative ceiling mounted fixtures can add form into the bathroom without sacrificing practicality.
    bathroom lighting ideas

    Task lighting needs to be more direct. In an office it would be the desk lamp, in the bathroom it’s the lighting in the shower/tub and nearest the mirror. Shaving, applying makeup and cleaning are all much easier with task lighting. The best place to install task lighting for the mirror is at eye level (roughly 66″ above the floor), since lighting from above casts harsh shadows. Eye-level lighting will light your face evenly.
    bathroom lighting ideas

    Accent lights showcase a focal point in the room by illuminating it. Accent fixtures tilt, so they can be angled to point toward a piece of art, or even stone/tile work.


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