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    Jennifer talks about decorating ideas for your child’s room to make it their own. You want to make sure there is enough room for them to play and also incorporate a desk for reading, arts and crafts, or of course studying. Kids rooms should be full of color to make it enjoyable. She goes through the best color choices for both girls’ and boys’ rooms. Girls’ rooms are more vibrant in color whereas boys’ rooms are more of a neutral color. Even if you choose a white for the paint color, you can add in the array of colors with accessories, artwork for the walls, lamps, etc.


    Hi I’m Jennifer Kopf, home editor at Southern Living. A child’s room should reflect his or her personal style. While you will definitely want to lead the design, be sure and include them when adding to or changing their space. Chances are your kids’ thoughts and ideas may be the best ones.

    Kids room should be fun and playful in both design and color pallet. By using big swatches of color and pattern on the walls, the bed, and throughout all the accessories, there’s no need to incorporate juvenile characters or sacrifice style for a room your kids will enjoy.

    By keeping the patterns simple and classic, you will also create a room that your child can grow with and will enjoy for years. Girls rooms are a great place for bold, crisp colors. The easiest way to introduce fun color is through paint; hot pink and lavender are obvious perfect colors for little girls’ rooms. If you’d rather stick to a neutral wall color, use curtains, bedding, and other accessories for pops of color.

    Classic color pairings, like pink and green or pink and white, are great combos to build from. Create your own personal pallet by starting with those combinations and then adding touches of teal or yellow, through lighting, decorative accessories, or even art.

    Boys rooms lend themselves to a neutral pallet. This is great way to know your child can grow with his room. Simple khakis, creams, and blues are popular choices. For a strong color that can stand up to a boys strong personality, consider adding green or red.

    Whether for sharing siblings or lots of fun sleepovers, kids rooms are the perfect place for bunk beds, adding that camp-like playful touch. They’re also great space savers. Ladders, single curtains, or train car style built-ins are just a few ways you can customize and enhance your bunks.

    When planning your child’s room be mindful of the furniture arrangement. You want your kids to consider their rooms as their own personal retreats. It’s important for them to have room to play and do homework. Carve out space for a comfy play spot on the floor, a desk for projects or school work, and shelving for storage. Allow your children to use these areas to also display some their own collections and favorite things.

    For more decorating tips for kids rooms, pick up a copy of Southern Living Magazine and visit southernliving.com.


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