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    In this video, Jackie from Lowe’s helps us to install a new light switch. This is a quick and easy fix you can try before having to call an electrician and forking out the money. Anything electrical to me is scary, but she makes this look fun and easy so I will keep it in mind if I ever have an issue like this. The key point in changing out a light switch is of course to turn off the circuit breaker. You don’t want to electrocute yourself.


    Hey I’m Jackie. Your light…doesn’t work, but all the other lights on the same circuit do. It might be time to replace the switch. Now before you call an electrician, let me show you how easy this job can be, and here’s how.

    Today we’re replacing the light switch that controls the light from only one location. When you’re ready to get going, it’s always very important to turn your circuit breaker off and also label witch switch you are working with so no one turns it back on.

    Now first off, we’re gonna start by loosening the screws on the plate here so we can get to our switch. Take it off and right here you see your switch. Now we need to get to the wires so we can test them to make sure the power is actually off so we have to remove the switch from the wall and you can use a Phillips head for that.

    You want to gently pull your switch out of the wall and this is where you use your circuit tester. You hold it on up to the wires to make sure there is no power flowing through here. If it doesn’t beep, you’re ok to continue.
    So we’re ready to disconnect our old switch now and what you wanna do is just pull it away from the wall, find your two hot black wires, and unscrew the copper ends to loosen up the screws . Now if you flip your switch over, a lot of times you’ll see a copper wire attached to a green screw and that’s actually your grounding wire, loosen that one up too. Remove your switch from the wall.

    Some times these wires are attached using push in connectors. Use a small screw driver and press it on in to pull the wires out. So now we are ready to install our shiny new switch and I know it seems simple, but remember to make sure it is facing the right way…Up. Connect the two hot black wires to the screws the same way that you took them off, you’re gonna want to put them right back on. Same thing goes for the copper ground wire. Just wrap it on around the screw and tighten it up.

    Once all your wires are in place, it’s always a good idea to wrap some electrical tape around the screws and wires for extra insulation. Alright, the hardest part is over. Now all you have to do is attach the switch back to the box using the two long screws . Before you put the cover plate back on, you’re gonna want to make sure your switch works so turn your circuit breaker on and…flip the switch…Victory!

    And that’s all there is to it. So proud of myself. For more easy and stress free DIY projects, head to Lowes.com/Home101


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