Water Conservation & Your Bathroom

Don't waste water!

It’s almost cliche now, the phrase: “Don’t leave the water running when you are brushing your teeth, it wastes water!”  The same concept of conserving water in the bathroom now holds true when we are taking a shower. Sometimes getting the water temperature correct can be challenging, and once this has been achieved the volume and flow rate is no longer a concern.

Did you know that new technology is available allowing you to adjust the water volume and flow rate coming from the showerhead quickly and easily without changing the temperature? These new devices can completely control the water flow from full on, all the way down to a complete stop. If you are still asking yourself why you should care – read on.

America’s fresh water supply does not keep up with demand in populated areas which is why many cities have water restrictions during the hot months each year. It is important not to be wasteful with our fresh water supply so it is still available for future generations. It is NOT an endless resource and unfortunately many Americans take it for granted. Most people by now know that it is wasteful to leave the water running when brushing their teeth. But how is wasting water in the shower while bathing, shampooing, or shaving any different? The difference is this – the total amount of water wasted in the shower is many more gallons than that which is used brushing teeth.

If people can learn how to take a water efficient shower it will save money on the water and sewage bill, and even reduce the energy bill as well. When less hot water is used the hot water heater does not have to work as hard. This saves electricity and gas. This means you can reduce both your water footprint and your carbon footprint by simply being smarter in the shower.

You do not need the water running full blast while shaving, shampooing, or soaping up during bathing. Simply turn the flow down when you don’t need the water running, and turn it up again when you are ready to rinse. It is no different than pouring pocket change down the drain. When we are wasteful with our water we are wasteful with our money. Get yourself some new technology for the shower and begin the good habits of conserving water and saving money on utilities. Who knows, the water you save just may be the water you need during a time of drought in the future.

AL Thompson works with Water Select®, a Texas based company.  The Water Select® valve is revolutionary new water saving green technology allowing you to fully control the water volume while maintaining the same temperature. It provides a return on investment and contributes to increased water sustainability by installing between your existing showerhead and the gooseneck that extends from the wall.

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