The Cost of Upgrading Home Electrical

upgrading home electrical

A while back, a comment was made on one of our Youtube videos regarding upgrading home electrical. Because we have Randy our Contractor on hand to answer questions, we had him respond to the comment.  However, in trying to relay all the information from their conversation, I felt I lost a few important bits and pieces. So to keep any information nuggets that might have been lost, I’m sharing the both the video and the conversation in its entirety with you here.

If you have any questions for our Contractor, please leave them in the comments section below and we’ll get them answered for you!

Marat: In the video you mentioned that upgrading the panel/electrical in an average 2,000 sq foot home should run about 3-4K. Just to clarify – is this the range for just replacing the service panel (up to 200amps) or would this 3-4K include running new upgraded wires throughout the house as well (including new switches and outlets)?

Randy: $3k should get the exterior mast, feeders, new meter socket, breaker panel and some minor repair to the branch circuits. Maybe installing gfci outlets and splitting up a few circuits.  If you want to have new wire pulled to every plug and switch it will be twice that amount. It is much more difficult to rewire an existing home than a new one.

Marat: Thanks that does help a lot. So if I wanted to re-do all the electrical in 1,000 sq apartment (rewire everything, new panel and all the things that you said below) should 6K more then cover it? (I think your estimate was based on a 2,000 sq foot home)

Randy: I would think $6k should do it.  Keep in mind there are many things that can affect the price. The biggest one is accessibility   Meaning can you get to the walls from an attic or basement or is there finished living space above and below?  if so you may have to cut open walls to chase the wire which will add cost to the project .  But most of the time there is a noninvasive way to get wire down a wall.  Hope that helped!

Marat: Thanks, it did!

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