How To Locate Drain Lines in a Basement?

Where are your pipes at?

Since we specialize in bathroom fixtures, many of our clients are remodeling their existing bathrooms or perhaps installing a new one. Whether that is in a new build, an addition, or a basement, there are all sorts of variables that need to be considered. So, when we saw this question posted on a remodeling thread, we thought it would be a good one to pose to our Contractor. The question was “I am looking to build a bath in the basement of an older home. How does one map out where the drain lines are located before busting through the concrete?”

His response was this: You can have a plumbing company come in and run a camera through the line to see where it goes or hire a company that specialized in underground locating of pipes.  If you have a newer home there may be a blueprint from the original construction.  Additionally, you can also look outside to see if there is a clean out cap in the wall of the house or in the yard. Usually that’s where you’ll find a direct line to the main drain line. Your best bet though is usually to hire a plumbing company.
Content provided by: Randy Ritzenthaler

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