• How To Repair Cracks In Walls Or Ceilings?

    If you’re thinking of hanging a new black mirror or a funky new piece of art, and there’s a crack in your wall–don’t expect people to look anywhere but that crack. Cracks have a tendency to draw the eye away from anything else. Depending on the size of the crack, there are a couple different options you have to repair. If it’s a small crack, the solution is a bit simpler. Use a latex caulk to fill in the crack and then repaint the wall or area to match the rest of your room. If you find yourself with a larger or reoccurring crack, you’ve got a bigger job ahead of you. You’ll want to begin by scrapping the texture off of the cracked area using a small drywall knife and make sure the crack is free of debris. Next apply a thin coat of drywall compound and a layer of mesh joint tape.  Continue to float the area out smooth and then retexture. Finish by repainting to match the wall.  If you’re home was built in the 70’s, you may have  popcorn texture on your ceilings which can be a little more difficult to match but still possible. To get these previously cracked areas to match, you can find a spray texture at your local hardware store to make the whole wall match! So draw the eye away from a nasty crack and direct it towards something more aesthetically appealing– like a new wall sconce or that fun piece of art you found!

    Wall Crack


    Post by: Randy Ritzenthaler

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