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  • Hanging Art in a Stairway


    In this video, Phoebe shares with us her thoughts about hanging family photographs in a stairway.  I have a project to do this weekend.  I love photographs and am running out of places to put them.  There are an array of ways to hang them in the stairway.  You can climb them or straight rows, or even in any other designs.  Black and white would make a great touch and go well with a modern look.


    Hanging prints in a row is a very easy way to hang something going up the stairs basically anybody can do it.  Just keep the rows straight, climb them up, and you can fill the wall with something that makes  a great statement.

    Hanging pictures in this sort of arrangement is actually a great way to display you family photographs.  If you take all your favorite family photographs, and make them all black and white or make them all sepia, and frame them in like frames in the same size, I think you’ll find it’s a great way to display your family photographs in a stairway.


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