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    Looking for more living space outside of your home? For those of you living in year-round-warmer climates, the solution can be simple. Angie’s List writer Jacqueline A. Soule, recommends a couple of things to make this process as simple as possible. First she mentions that hiring a trained and experienced landscape design professional to map out you r design only makes sense. Next, she suggests making a list of wants. It doesn’t matter how long or large the items, as you can edit as you go along. It does help the designer you’re working with, though, to create that map of what you want. After you complete this list, go through and decide the who and how of the space. If you entertain frequently, but have animals that need space to play, it only seems right to pave a portion of the area you’re designing covered with pavers, as an example. Deciding who will be using the space and how they will be using it will help you to pare down your list. Finally, Soule reminds us that the whole job doesn’t have to be completed right away. You can take it one big (or several little) step at a time, each season. Over the course of a few years, you be sure to impress yourself and your friends with the outdoor extension of your home. And by spreading out the work, you also keep your budget in line—an added bonus!

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