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  • Things to Consider When Dealing with a Wet Basement

    It’s important to you and your family’s health that you keep a dry basement in your home. Moisture build up can lead to mold which can cause or irritate a number of health ailments. So when considering your wet basement, you’ll first need to ask yourself this: Is it wet ALL THE TIME or did something just happen to make it that way. If a pipe broke or a sink overflowed, then the best thing to do is the most obvious. AIR IT OUT! Open windows, direct fans against the area, and start running your dehumidifiers. If you have carpet installed, and it’s saturated, you can hire a company to come in and professionally steam clean the area to remove the moisture. If you can’t afford this, your best bet is to pull it out. If you have a basement that is wet all the time, however, you’re looking at a pretty big job. No amount of airing out or use of fans is going to solve your problem. You need to fix it at the source. In most cases, this means you need to dig around the foundation around the side of the house, going all the way down to the slab at the basement floor. You’ll want to put in drain tiles at the base and install some sort of waterproofing membrane against the basement walls. Next, you’ll want to back fill the basement walls with stone and clean up your yard. With this problem, similar to others we have talked about in this blog, you may want to seek the help of a professional. Though it sounds simple enough when you read it, it’s one of the bigger home improvement jobs to tackle.

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