New Sink Features

Features in kitchen sinks have come a long way over the last few years.  Today’s homeowners have the widest range of options for kitchen and bath sinks than ever before.  Kitchen sinks alone have changed drastically lately.  Now available in a variety of materials and shapes, the kitchen sink is becoming a focal point in today’s kitchens.  Here are just a few popular trends in kitchen and bathroom sinks, as well as some innovated faucets.

A growing trend for kitchens is undermount sinks.  Not only are these seamless edged sinks a breeze when it comes to clean-up, but it gives your kitchen a modern seamless look.  Undermount sinks can only be mounted to solid-surface countertops because of the weight of the sink.  Though these sinks are typically more expensive than the alternate drop-in sinks, they still come available in a typical sink material, like stainless steel and cast-iron.  Also, they aren’t exclusive to the kitchen, implementing them into a bathroom design can add a sleek, sophisticated look to any bath.


Integrated sinks takes the idea of undermount sinks to a whole new level.  These sinks are essentially built-in sinks in your countertop.  The idea of integrated sinks is perfect if you love your selected countertops and want to continue it into the sink design.  The best thing about these sinks is that they can be customized to your specific desires of shape and size.×413.jpg

Multi-functional sinks are the newest trend in kitchen sinks, where functionality and style team up to bring convenience to your kitchen.  The interchangeable features of these sinks transform your kitchen sink into a work station that comes equipped with everything you would need in one place.  From cutting boards to drain racks and colanders, these prep pieces easily slide along tracks making food preparation a breeze.

Prep sinks have become a popular addition to kitchens.  Homeowners are opting out to single basin sinks to accommodate large pots and pans, so adding in a smaller prep sink separate from the main basin adds function to the prep area.

Faucets are not left out of the kitchen trends this year.  Technology and function meet to bring hygienic solutions in the kitchen.  With the use of electronic sensors and water filtration systems built directly into the faucets, that hygienic touch is possible.

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