How to Pick The Best Bathroom Lighting

Here’s a common dilemma – bathroom lighting.  Bathrooms are often tricky spaces when it comes to light.  There may or may not be a window to allow natural light to flow in, so light has to be generated a different way.  We’re doing all sorts of things in the bathroom to get ready for the day, and most of that time is spent in front of the mirror.  You want to make sure you look your best, so proper lighting is key.  Lighting from directly overhead creates shadows on your face.  Since our faces aren’t flat, and they dip in and out, these shadows can look funny, or even create an illusion of bumps and imperfections on your face.  It also may alter how makeup looks as your layering the different shades of color.

Light from in front of you is the best type of light for bathroom placement, and is carried out by sconces, or bath vanity lights.  Sconces are displayed in pairs and mounted at about 64 inches above the floor.  This is only a guideline, and may need to be bumped up or down depending on your home’s circumstances, but it’s a good place to start.  The dimension to sconces is measured from the floor to the centerpoint of the junction box. (where the electrical guts are)  This is because that dimension will be the place where you will drill a hole in your wall.  (very important to measure twice.)  In this airy bathroom, the sconces are quite tall, but you would measure to the center of the part that is against the wall, rather than the top or bottom of the overall fixture.

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Sticking with symmetry is the best way to go with sconces, and be sure to stay mounted within the boundaries of the vanity below.   Place your sconces on either side of each mirror, making sure to keep a consistent distance between each object.

Vanity lights that are mounted above your modern mirror should be around 6” to 8” above the top of the mirror.  This is just a guideline to follow, but similar to the rules we discussed in the last post regarding hanging artwork, you want your light fixture to relate to the vanity vignette, making sure it’s not too far away from, or too close to the mirror’s top edge.

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