Double Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Reduce the Clutter

Bathroom cabinets can reduce the clutter in your bathroom in many ways. There is always the go-to example of using a separate medicine cabinet to improve storage space. But let’s be a little more long term with our thinking for this case. Yes a medicine cabinet can add storage space, but when you add more storage places, it only adds to the fullness and cluttered feel of the room. The best solution to this problem is use a nice double bathroom vanity that will reduce visible clutter, while also reducing the need for additional storage units in the bathroom.


Shopping online is a fabulous option for searching for a nice balance of form and functionality. The design and style of your new vanity cabinets will go well with your own personal taste and will solve your storage needs at the same time. Think about the style you are trying to achieve; traditional, modern, antiqued, etc… Modern designs are great for a small bathroom because their simple and clean lines will open the space and make it feel larger.


Once you have determined the style of cabinet that you want, move on to your storage needs. You can shop cabinets with doors only, with or without shelves, a combination of doors and drawers, or just drawers. It all depends on your personal needs. A combination of cabinet doors and drawers is the optimum choice for storage options. Smaller items and things that are used daily can go in the drawers and larger items and things that are not needed on a daily basis can be stored inside the cabinets.


Once you get all of your items neatly into your new cabinet, you will find that the space looks cleaner and even feels larger. A double sink bathroom vanity will eliminate the need for a medicine cabinet, over-toilet shelving, corner cabinets, etc… Plus having two sinks means each person that uses the space will have their own private storage and personal space. All of this will work together to open up the space making it much more user friendly.


Once you have your new vanity in hand, inspect it carefully and read the installation directions closely. Depending on the size of your new piece, it might be best to work with a partner. If you feel uncomfortable with the job, hire a professional contractor.


Hopefully now you can see how bathroom cabinets can reduce the clutter in your life. Happy shopping and decorating!

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