They Thought of That? High Tech Toilets

Technology isn’t anything new to the home. Modern consumers are adjusting temperatures, locking doors, and turning off appliances remotely with the use of smart phones. It’s no surprise then, that toilet technology is becoming all the rage. highlighted 20 of the worlds “top tech” toilets, but we thought we’d highlight a few of the more interesting ones you can find here in the states.

Kohler's Numi
Kohler’s Numi

Our first stop is at Kohler’s Numi. This toilet, ringing in at just under $5k, has all the bells and whistles of a fully loaded vehicle…except it’s a toilet, of course. The lid has a motion sensor, opening and closing before and after use. It’s got a seat warmer, ambient lighting, an included bidet and dryer, built in speakers, and a floor vent so that even the feet are not forgotten! Included in the price of course, is the remote to access of these high tech functions. Did you ever think you could need a remote for your toilet? With this one you certainly do!

Next stop is the Toto Washlet s400. This model additionally comes with a remote to access all of its various functions. Coming in at a far lower price of just under $1200, the Toto toilet has a hands free flushing system, motion sensing lid, front and rear washing bidet features, a massage function, a warm air dryer, and heated seat.  Toto also launched the Aquia toilet, costing just over $500, which offers a dual flush option for the homeowner, allowing the user to select the amount of water that is used in each flush.

The final highlight in our toilet tech feature looks at Inmax’s Regio. The price tag on this model is the highest of the ones we mentioned, coming in fully loaded at just under $7k. It’s flushing system is said to be silent, and might just be with the soft music system that is included. The flush system as well as the seat is fully automatic, and the bidet features are fully customizable–offering the user to adjust temperature and water pressure controls. Additionally, this model includes a deodorizer and warm air system.

What do you think? Is the price of these toilets worth the “bottom line” investment? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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