Double Sink Bathroom Vanities

No matter what size master bathroom you have, bring to the next level of form and function with a double sink vanity. Doubles are fantastic because they allow for a private space for each person that utilizes a shared bathroom. So each user can organize their toiletries and various bathroom products as they see fit on their side of the vanity. You can also have some fun with a vanity like this because each person can personalize their side to reflect their own style. 

Furniture style double vanities come in a variety of sizes and styles. The online selection in particular is quite nice. Styles range from antiqued to contemporary and everything in between. And sinks are available in under counter mounted and vessel styles. You are sure to find one that is just right for you and your space. And what’s really nice is that the units include everything, cabinet, countertop, sink, and sometimes even the hardware. If hardware is not included, however, don’t worry, most online retailers offer that as well. 

Because double sink vanities come in a variety of sizes, you will find one to fit in your space whether you are working with a small, medium, or large master bathroom. Small doubles come as narrow aw 48 inches and then the larger sizes range all the way up to 60 inches and greater. The small doubles are made by putting just one row of drawers down the center rather than having two rows  of drawers down the left and right sides. Sometimes for the very narrow doubles, the drawer width is also slightly reduced to about 14 inches.

If you already have your countertop and or your sink picked out, rest assured, there is still something for you. You can have a custom bathroom vanity made as a double. So if you are planning to use the same granite for your countertop and for something else in the room, no problem, just get a cabinet without the counter.

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