Bathroom Lighting? Are You Using the Right Light?

1 Light Wall Sconce In Brushed Nickel

The bathroom is a hub for a number of different things. Women apply makeup and do their hair; men shave and style their hair as well. Though there are a number of “daylight” cosmetic mirrors on the market, and though lighting is a key factor in bathroom design, not many people consider the different types of lighting they might need to get ready with based upon the activities they have throughout the day. Jane Grosslight, author of A Bulb and a Socket which won a Progress Award from the Illuminating Engineering Society, sent us some tips on the best sort of lighting for both men and women in the morning.

Color of light at a mirror is important. If the wrong color is used, men can miss spots shaving and women’s makeup can be improperly applied.  Consequently, consumers should check the light bulb box for the color of light. The choices are either warm to cool or warm white, bright white, or daylight.

*  Men, if you have pale colored skin, be sure to choose cool or bright white color of light bulbs, ether compact fluorescent or LEDs. Never  incandescent, which only provides warm color of light. Bright white permits the shaver to distinguish their beard from their skin–an important function of shaving.

*  Ladies, if you work in an office all day, also choose cool or bright white color so your makeup will look natural.

*  Ladies, if you are seen in an around the house during the day or are getting dressed to go out at night, choose warm color of light. It can be incandescent, compact fluorescent, or LEDs.

Both compact fluorescent and LEDs will put out less heat in the bathroom than incandescent bulbs.

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