How To Replace An Elbow Connector Of PVC Pipe?

Are you changing out the CPVC piping under your 36 inch bathroom vanity and running into problems? Unfortunately, there is no way to get PVC or CPVC (used for hot and cold water)  glue apart. So while this job is not the most difficult to complete, it definitely requires some effort.  You’ll have to begin by cutting the pipe where you will be attaching the new joints. Make sure that the elbow connector you have selected will fit to the new pipe with the connecting pieces. Next, you’ll want to glue both of these fittings onto the ends where the joint will be attaching. Use a PVC  primer to clean and prime the pipe and the fittings and then apply the PVC glue. Keep in mind PVC glue only has a work time of about 15 seconds so make sure you are ready to make the connection and have the fitting pointed in the correct direction. After you’ve primed, glued, and set all of your pieces, hold the parts together for 10 seconds. PVC glue manufacturers  generally recommend slipping the glued fitting on and then turning it ¼ turn to the desired direction and holding it tight for 10 second to set the glue.

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