• How To Do “Knock Down” Texture On Walls

    One of the new and popular trends in wall design lately is the use of “knock down” texture in homes. This trend has actually been around for a while, but designers are now experimenting more with how deep the gouges go or how varied they are throughout the wall. Knock down is done by using a texture hopper and spraying on the texture like any other type and then taking a trowel and (knock down all the bumps) lightly smoothing out the texture.  Usually you would use a flat trowel that looks like a concrete tool but bade for drywall mud. To give a more modern finish, some designers/builders are even using a color wash glaze to add some definition to the “knocked down” areas. (See image) Knocked down walls are great backdrops for elegant wall sconces and fun, unique mirrors in black, white, or any color to match your décor.

    Courtesy of: http://www.thatpainterlady.com

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