How to Clean and Seal Your Tile Grout—The Easy Way!


For today’s “best of,” we look at the topic of cleaning the grout in your tile (whether that be in the bathroom, kitchen, or wherever.) It’s a job we have yet to find that anyone really “enjoys” doing around the house. So when we started chatting with Michael Stracuzza, founder of the product “Grout Shield,” we were definitely intrigued. Since we’ve never tried the product ourselves, we asked Michael for his “elevator pitch,” and then took to the web ourselves to find some real life reviews.

The scoop is that you no longer have to pay hundreds of dollars to have a tile contractor clean, replace, or change the grout between the tiles on floors, bathrooms, or shower walls…. Or spend hours trying to clean it yourself. The results produce professional results with durability backed by a guarantee. Colors of many popular paint brands can also be matched. Besides changing and matching colors the grout is sealed at the same time. All of the products prevent mold and mildew stains, are environmentally friendly, and are safe around kids and pets.

The Grout Shield™ $29.95 kit covers 250 sq. ft. and comes with an instructional DVD. To give you an idea of how easy the product is to use all you have to do is apply cleaner using a regular scrub brush or our brush applicator (included in the kit), let dry 20-30 minutes before applying sealer. Next apply the sealer which will restore the grout to its original look while making sure the color will be protected for years to come.

Reviews from across the web, show evidence of a great product that does what it advertises (which is always a plus.) The only negative we read was that it took a while to apply, but we’re going to overlook that one because it would inevitably take quite a bit longer if a homeowner was doing it unaided!

We’re going to go ahead and give this product a gold star  for our best of grout cleaner!

To check it out for yourself, go to and make sure to have a look at the before and afters!

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