Pretty & Practical Laundry Room

In this video, Phoebe shows us their laundry room in their design idea home in Nashville.  She makes a great point why you should consider having windows in the laundry room, plain and simple, it makes it more pleasant to do laundry.  It’s a good idea too to have a work space to fold the laundry such as a stone top across the washer and dryer.  Also, she wants you to be creative with the walls.  It makes it more fun.


This laundry room is great because it has all these windows. Windows in a laundry room are a huge bonus because when you’re in there, it is so much more pleasant when you have something pretty to look out. We just chose shutters in here because you can control the light so easily.

This beautiful stone top above the washer and dryer makes for a nice work surface which is something very important in a laundry room that you have a place to fold towels and laundry. But what I especially like about this laundry room is the beautiful floor from Ann Sacks Tile and also the beautiful walls from Ann Sacks Tile. What we’ve done here is chose 2 different colors and we’ve done them in a stripe pattern. So that’s something to keep in mind if you’re using a plain tile is be creative with the pattern which makes it a lot more interesting and fun.

It’s a great work space

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