• How to Balance Rustic and Refined Elements in a Room



    In this video, Phoebe goes through this old farmhouse to show us how to balance the rustic look with refined elements to make it not feel like a barn.  You can still have that old rustic look with the black iron, but incorporate the softer colors too to make it feel more like a home than a barn.  Gotta love the high ceilings in this type of home.


    Finding the right balance between rustic and refined can be a little tricky, but when you get it right, it really works.  In the living room, you can see that we have the black hardware that holds up the big sliding doors.  I’ve got black curtain hardware and we’ve got the black lanterns.  Then beneath it all, we have sort of the softer pallet.  You just take the very rustic element and you bring in that little bit of refinement and the finishing touch that it really needed to not feel like a barn.


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