Can I Install My Own Security Cameras or Should I Consult A Security Company For This?

Depending on the level of security you’d like in your home and the scope of the response you’d like to get, you could do either. Security companies are great for their response time, however, if you feel your home is well protected and safe, then you may not need this additional support. For these situations, there is a good selection of DIY security cameras out there for fairly inexpensive prices. Most have multiple day/night cameras and a DVR recording device to catch all the action. Most options are wireless, but can only offer a certain range with their use. However, it deserves to be said, if you are nervous enough to install a security and/or camera system, it is the better option to hire a professional to install it and pay the monitoring service. What happens if you see a burglar coming up your driveway on your screen? Or even worse, what happens if you AREN’T watching the screen and that same burglar comes walking up? The monitoring service will see this and call the police. Additionally, some of these services even offer apps you use for your smart phone, so that you can see what is going on at your house while you are away.

Watch out!!

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