Why Choose Traditional Style Bathroom Vanities

Today’s home furnishings market is full of vanity options that many may not be familiar with. From contemporary and modern designs to classic, traditional bathroom vanities, there is something out there for everyone. Of course, with all of the new styles that are available, some homeowners question whether traditional style bathroom vanities are still in demand.

The short answer is yes, traditional style still has its place. Not only that, but there are plenty of vanities out there that fit into this category and offer premium materials, colors, and more. There’s nothing basic about traditional design – it works because it embraces the classic appeal of home design and offers a universal finish that can blend into any home design.

In determining which is the right bathroom vanity for you, it helps to understand traditional style, as well as what you should be looking for in choosing the best bathroom vanity for your space.

72 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity in Pure White

72 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity in Pure White

What is Traditional Style Defined

Traditional style is all about taking notes from the past. Trends are generally based on certain eras or periods of design that were memorable for various reasons. This style is typically considered more elegant than contemporary or modern designs, to some, because of the ornate details and rich finishes that are present on traditional pieces. In addition to these details, rich wood tones and classic black are popular finishes, and hardware is typically found in some variation of chrome or nickel.

Traditional style embraces the idea that luxury fixtures and furnishings should be as much art pieces as they are functional parts of the home. As is the case with the traditional bathroom vanity—it will offer a classic, elegant look, but it will also deliver all of the function that you need, seeing as how most traditional styles offer plenty of storage, counter space options, and so forth.

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48 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity in Antique Coffee

48 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity in Antique Coffee

In the bathroom, traditional style typically looks like:

  • Greens and blues in pastel shades, beige and pink, and other soft colors are most common in this design. However, bold colors can also work well, such as a rich blue against a white vanity with gold accents to create the perfect finished look.
  • Decorative trim/molding, wallpaper, tiling, etc. Although it can also be functional, the key to traditional style is decor for the sake of decor—add classic wainscotting or decorative trim to make a truly lasting impression.
  • Oil-rubbed bronze, chrome, or nickel hardware, as previously mentioned. In some instances, gold can also be used to create a more expensive look, but it’s not nearly as common.
  • Dark, polished woods and unique tiles made from marble, granite, or other premium materials. For walls, floors, and other fixtures, these elements signify a more traditional style and can help everyone get the look they want.
  • Furniture-style bathroom vanities are also popular here, which is why you’ll see a lot of those online when you’re looking at traditional designs. These pieces become part of the design and often are incorporated with claw-foot or freestanding tubs to create true elegance in design.

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60 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with Choice of Top

60 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with Choice of Top

What Features to Look For in Traditional Style?

When you’re in the market for a new traditional bathroom vanity, you’ll want to consider more than just the design. There is also the need for storage—how many drawers or cabinets are on the vanity that you choose? Do you need more storage or less? Are you seeking drawers, cabinets, etc.? All of these variables will determine what you decide upon for your new vanity.

With traditional vanities, you’ll want to look for the hardware used and the top that’s included (if there is one). You may also choose to purchase your countertop separately or use one that you already have—there are many models that come without tops for this purpose.

Consider whether there are plumbing cut-outs in the vanity that you choose, and whether sink hardware is included or you’ll have to get that elsewhere. All of these elements should help you decide on the perfect, quality vanity in no time at all.

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55 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with Cream Marfil Marble

55 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with Cream Marfil Marble

Freestanding vs. Built-In Bathroom Vanity Models

Today, there are a number of vanity cabinets that can be installed as freestanding units. Built-in vanities are great in many spaces, but there is a level of flexibility that comes from having a freestanding vanity. It can also lighten up the space, since most of the units that aren’t considered built-ins feature legs and shelves that are open and keep the unit from appearing heavy.

If you like the traditional style and want to make sure that you keep it classic, built-in pieces or large freestanding pieces that look like furniture (as mentioned above) will be your best option.

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72 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity in Antique Walnut

72 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity in Antique Walnut

Don’t Forget to Measure for Your Vanity

Of course, you can’t choose a new bathroom vanity without considering the space that you have. Traditional vanities are available in all sizes, from 24 inches on up to 84 inches, offering single and double sink combinations and a variety of storage arrangements. In order to choose your ideal vanity, you have to measure the space available.

Width is the biggest concern. When it comes to height, that’s a matter of personal preference. Standard vanity height is around 32.5 inches, but some people prefer vanities to be 36 inches high, especially in the master bathroom. If you’re outfitting a space for kids or just need something shorter, there are models that measure just 30 inches, as well.

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36 Inch Bathroom Vanity with Offset Sink - Custom Options

36 Inch Bathroom Vanity with Offset Sink – Custom Options

Keep the Traditional Look Going

While some people worry that traditional bathrooms are no longer going to get the attention and value that they deserve, there’s something to be said for these vanities. In fact, modern traditional style is still a popular choice, and it can increase your home value to renovate a bathroom in this way. Now that you know more about traditional designs and how to create the perfect one for your space, it should be easy for you to find your perfect fit.

Traditional vanities are trademarked by their classic, elegant styling and their overall feeling of “heft”, bringing weight and making a statement in any bathroom. Whether you’re looking for a small, simple vanity or an ornate, custom 84 inch model for a master bath, there’s something good out there for everyone.

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