How to Incorporate Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sinks (sometimes known as “apron front” sinks) are charming and stylish.  Installing a farmhouse sink will create a beautiful visual anchor in your kitchen. They are available in several materials that can work in any kitchen. From the iconic porcelain to copper and brushed nickel, the variety of options ensures you can include one in your existing kitchen or renovation.

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Incorporating Farmhouse Sinks

Brushed nickel farmhouse sinks are complemented by almost any countertop material. One of my favorite pairings is a brushed nickel sink with a glass tile backsplash.

A copper farmhouse sink pairs well with granite and natural cabinets. Lighter stains are encouraged because of the visual weight of a copper sink. This will keep the kitchen from feeling dark or weighed down.

White cabinets will contrast well with a copper sink, making it more of a focal point.

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Content Provided by: Julia Ritzenthaler

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