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Adding Light, Ambiance and Style with Table Lamp

When it comes to home lighting, few options compare with the flexibility of table lamps. They can work well in any room of the home, and can add both light and style. You’ll also find a host of different styles, construction materials and more to help you achieve the aesthetic you want. Whether you’re going for something relaxed and informal, rustic or modern, you’ll discover the perfect table lamps for the job.

What Are Table Lamps?

Table lamps are nothing more than lamps designed to stand on a flat surface. They’re shorter than floor lamps, and don’t mount to the wall or ceiling the way sconces and pendant light fixtures do. They have a base, a stem/body and a shade (in most cases, but not all). They’re usually designed to provide lower level illumination for areas where a more intimate feel is wanted, such as in your den or family room, although they can also be used in bedrooms, dining rooms and other areas of the home.

Types of Table Lamps Offered

You’ll discover a host of different types of table lamps – you’re not limited to the traditional single bulb lamp with a shade. There are options that combine a stylized metal shade with wrought iron, antlers with rawhide, and wrought iron with onyx. You might prefer the more traditional shaded table lamp design, but you’ll also find those made to resemble candleholders with multiple lights branching out from the central stem of the lamp.


Table lamps are available in a dizzying range of materials. You’ll find wrought iron, certainly, but you’ll also find fabric, leather and even onyx out there. Antler table lamps are also available, and help you create that rustic mountain lodge feel you want.

Things to Consider When Buying

Buying table lamps can be an exciting excursion into the world of light fixtures. One of the first considerations is the height of the lamp – the taller the lamp, the more it becomes a focal point in your décor. However, taller lamps also need wider bases to keep them stable, which means you need to have a larger table to support them. You should also consider the size of the shade if you’re purchasing a shaded lamp.Lampshades extend well beyond the base of the lamp, and you’ll need an area large enough for the lamp and shade to sit without obstructing views.

You should also consider the amount of light you want in the area. If you’ll be using the lamp as your primary source of lighting in the room, you should opt for one with two or more bulbs. If you want diffused light in the area, you might consider a table lamp with an onyx cover rather than a traditional shaded lamp.

Styles of Table Lamps Offered

From medieval to cathedral inspired table lamps, you’ll find a host of different styles from which to choose. European lamps, antler lamps, Spanish lamps, floral motifs and many other styles are available for you.

Customize Your Table Lamp

Our selection of table lamps can be customized to meet your needs. Choose the number of lights, the shade material, the metal finish and more with ease.