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The Many Choices Available in Pendant Lighting

When it comes to light fixtures for your home, pendant lighting offers a touch of class that few others can touch. It plays on the style of the traditional chandelier, but brings something completely different to the room in which it’s installed. You’ll find pendant light fixtures available in a broad range of styles, with numerous options in construction material as well.

What Is Pendant Lighting?

Pendant lighting is traditionally a type of ceiling-mounted fixture. Chandeliers are a type of pendant light fixture, but there’s much more available than you might suspect. Pendant lighting can be used in all areas of the home, from a formal dining room to the kitchen to the bathroom and more. Essentially, you’ll have a mounting plate, a tether of some type, a light housing/shade and the bulbs, but the configuration options are almost limitless.

Types Offered

There are many different types of pendant lighting available. For instance, if you want to add a touch of class and plenty of light emission to your food prep area, then kitchen pendant light fixtures are the way to go. You’ll also find bathroom pendant light fixtures on offer, as well as those designed for use in the dining room, the family room and even the foyer. Many feature rustic style elements, although you’ll also find wrought iron pendant lighting options on offer too.

Materials for Your Lighting

Pendant lighting is available in a very broad range of materials. You’ll find fixtures made with wrought iron, as well as with hand-shaped copper. Onyx shades are available, but you can also choose from antiqued glass or hand-blown clear glass to help you achieve the style you need for each specific room in your home.

Things to Know

Before you purchase any pending lighting fixture, you’ll need to know several things about the fixture, as well as the area in which you’ll be installing the light. You’ll need to know the height of the fixture to ensure you have plenty of clearance beneath it. If the fixture is adjustable, you can raise or lower it depending on your needs. The number of lights in the fixture is also important, as this determines the amount of area it can illuminate, and the bulb requirements will dictate how much light emission you see from each bulb.

Styles Available

You’ll discover a host of different pendant lighting styles available to fit your needs. Venetian pendant lighting brings you the old-world style look of Venice, or you can add a touch of mystery and intrigue with medieval pendant lights. Modern pendant lighting is also available with sleek, clean lines, or you can opt for rustic fixtures to fit your home’s current aesthetic.

Customize Your Order

To truly ensure that your pendant lighting matches your needs, consider customizing your fixtures. You can choose the finish, the color, the bulb arrangement, shade type and color, and many other elements of your pendant light fixture. Remember that customization does add up to four weeks to delivery, as each order is made to your specifications.