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Exploring the Wide World of Floor Lamps

Floor lamps offer you something between ceiling-mounted light fixtures and table lamps. They provide more illumination for your rooms, allowing you to reduce the number of fixtures, or provide a greater amount of light for specific areas (such as a reading nook). You’ll also find they bring a significant amount of flair and beauty to your home, and they’re available in a wide range of styles.

What Are Floor Lamps?

Floor lamps are exactly what they sound like. Unlike table lamps, which are designed to sit on an end table or another flat surface raised off the floor, these lamps stand on the floor. They’re tall enough to rise from the floor to above the backs of chairs, sofas and couches, and can be used behind furniture, or in areas of the room where there are no furnishings. Floor lamps offer more illumination for your room than table lamps, but don’t require any mounting to the wall or ceiling, which means they can be moved virtually anywhere you want in the room depending on your needs.

Types of Floor Lamps Offered

Floor lamps are available in a number of different types, but perhaps the single largest division here is between straight lamps and arm-style lamps. Straight lamps look like longer versions of table lamps – they have a base, a straight stem or body, and the light sits at the top of the lamp, covered by a shade or glass cover. Arm-style lamps are different – they have a shorter central stem/body, topped with an arm or bracket that puts the light fixture 90-degrees away from the body of the lamp. This provides both visual appeal and greater utility, allowing you to bring the light farther out from the back wall, or center it beside a chair that’s not aligned perfectly with the wall.

Materials for Floor Lamps

Achieving the right look for your home means choosing from the right materials. Floor lamps are available in a wide range of different materials, including wrought iron, and antler. You’ll also find fabric shades, rawhide shades, glass shades and metal shades to help you achieve the ideal aesthetic for your home.

Things to Know Before Buying

Before you purchase a floor lamp, there are a few considerations to make. One of the most important is the height of the lamp, as this will determine how easily light will be dispersed throughout the room (the taller the lamp, the wider the light dispersion will be). You should also consider the size of the base as well as the size of the body/stem. This is particularly true with any style floor lamp that has more than the standard cylindrical body, as it will affect where you can place the lamp. The light bulb requirements should also be understood for safety and proper light emission.

Styles of Floor Lamps Offered

A wide range of floor lamp styles are available, from rustic antler lamps to refined designs that offer an old-world look and feel. The Cathedral wrought iron lamp offers time-honored elegance, while the Portuguesa wrought iron lamp brings a European touch to your home. The San Marino style floor lamp is elegant and functional, while the Verona torchiere is beautiful and lends a touch of whimsy.

Customize Your Lamps

Our floor lamps can be customized to fit your home décor and needs, from the finish of the metal to the height and width of the lamp itself.