Unique Bathroom Sink Stands for Vessel Sinks

When it comes to bathroom vanity selections, we pride ourselves on offering a large selection of quality bath components. Our hope is that anyone who comes to our site will be able to find a piece that is perfect for his or her style and space. One of our most unique offerings is a selection of bathroom vessel sink stand, which can take the place of your vanity. These stands are great for small bath or wash spaces and can provide a lovely and functional accent piece in a bar or game area. In order to help you purchase the perfect vessel stand for your space, we have provided the buying guide below. Read More

Generally, vessel stands are more compact than a traditional vanity cabinet. They may be a small tabletop like item or a crafty creation of wrought iron. To determine what size vessel sink is right for your space, you should measure the area around your plumbing. Measure along the wall space to determine width and measure out from the wall to measure depth. When you measure for any type of vanity, you should always consider moving elements in your space, such as doors or drawers. You want to leave enough room around the sink area for those items to function fully.

Style and Finishing
Our vessel sinks offer a wide variety of styles. From abstract wound wrought iron that cradles a vessel sink in a nest of metal vines and leaves to a stately table for mounting the sink on, you are sure to find a lovely option for your room. When purchasing a unique item like a vessel sink stand, it is important to keep the future in mind. You do not want to select an item that will work with existing decor, but does not actually match your personal style. If or when you make changes to the bathroom, you want the vanity or sink stand to work.

Storage Options
Storage is a big issue with many vanity shoppers, but vessel sink stands do not offer much in the way of drawers or cabinets. Some of the stands do offer a small open shelf space that could house a few folded towels or a basket of soaps. The majority of the stands do not have any storage at all. This is one of the reasons the stands are a good choice for a half-bath or washroom where the primary purpose of the sink will be hand washing. If you do require storage in the room but are in love with the idea of a vessel sink stand, you may want to consider purchasing some of our storage items, like shelves or medicine cabinets.

Plumbing is a critical consideration with any vanity purchase, but it is especially important with a vessel sink stand. If you have previously had a standard vanity in the space, the wall may be incomplete and pipes may be sticking out. You will likely have to do some clever pipe camouflage and refinish some of your wall space in order to create a well-designed space.