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Unique Shape Bathroom Sinks on Sale with Fast Free Shipping!

Vessel bathroom sinks can bring lovely style and ultimate functionality to your vanity space. Although many people choose a standard bowl shape or geometric design for their sink, at UniqueVanities we know some people like to decorate outside of the box. To that end, we offer a line of uniquely shaped vessel sinks that would look gorgeous on any counter top or in any bathroom. Our hope is that you will find the perfect piece for your vanity area. To that end, we have provided a few short tips in the buying guide below so you will be able to select the right sink for your needs.

Type of Mount
When you purchase a vessel sink, you need to understand the mounting options that come with these items. You can mount the piece on top of the counter, under the counter or in between. However, not all sinks are created for all mounting options. You should always read the specifications for each sink to determine if the piece is right for your preferences. For example, some sinks that are designed specifically for under mounting are not completely finished in some areas. This would not look good if you tried to top mount it.

Size and Height
Not only does the sink need to fit with the mounting preferences, but it also needs to fit your cabinet. If you are under mounting the sink, you need to ensure the sink fits with preexisting cutouts in the countertop and cabinet. This includes checking to ensure the depth of the sink will not interfere with any other elements within the cabinet. If you are top mounting the sink, you want to pick a size that provides functionality without taking over the counter top.

Faucet and Drain
Vessel sinks come with a few fixture concerns around the faucet and drain. Top mounted vessel sinks require a faucet that is tall enough to clear the edge of the sink. The last thing you want is a flow of water that misses your vessel! Most vessel sinks also require a drain without an overflow, because vessel sinks usually are not precut with a secondary drain option.

Shape and Color
When you purchase one of our uniquely shaped vessel sinks, you are making a bold style statement in your vanity area. From fun wedges to avant-garde designs, our sinks are artsy and sophisticated. You should always select a style that goes with the rest of your bathroom. Placing a unique sink in a very traditional or classic bathroom may cause a disjointed appearance in your decor. Additionally, you want to pick a color that complements the existing elements in your room and provides versatility for later design changes if you choose to make them.

Plumbing Concerns
Finally, you need to ensure the sink you choose works well with existing plumbing elements. This means you should conduct a final check of all specifications and measurements prior to making a purchase. If you are unfamiliar with plumbing terms and issues, you may want to have someone who knows about these things take a look at your sink choice.