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Deciding on a bathroom vanity to compliment your bathroom remodel is often difficult enough, much less having to consider the type of undermount sink that will be appropriate for use with it. Here are some common considerations you should keep in mind when selecting the perfect sink to work with your remodel.

Selecting the correct sized undermount sink for use with your bathroom remodel is of the utmost importance. You’ll want to note a few important measurements before you make your purchase. The overall dimensions of the area where you’ll be placing your sink will be the first you’ll need to note. The width and depth of the outer and inner rim dimensions need to correlate exactly with your sink hole. Even a few centimeters of error can cause your undermount sink not to fit properly or be misaligned, so we recommend measuring twice just to be safe.


The location of existing plumbing is another area you’ll want to note. Since you can vary the length of the plumbing underneath the sink, the depth of the sink you choose can also vary. Most sinks will be found in depths between five to eight inches. Once you’ve determined the depth and fit for your sink, you can select the proper plumbing to connect the bathroom vanity faucets to the water lines and the drain to the drain pipe.


Most of the undermount sinks you find, will not be sold with a bathroom sink drain or faucet, while others will. You’ll want to check the specifications table on the item that you choose to see if these items are included. Additionally, for those sinks that do not come with a drain or faucet, the specifications table should show the size of the hole for the drain so that one may be purchased separately. Most drain sizes are standard at 1.5”.

Styles and Finishes

Undermount sinks are available in a variety of styles and finishes. From the basic white or bisque ceramic sinks, all the way to the brushed nickel or hammered copper rustic designs, the type of sink you choose should largely be determined by the design style of the bathroom you are remodeling. Modern styles are complimented by solid colored undermount varieties, while a more rustic, traditional look is often well accented by a copper sink.

For help in determining the right undermount sink to choose for your vanity in your bathroom remodel, feel free to contact our product specialists at 866-526-1843. Our team is expertly versed in bathroom remodels and additionally has Contractor and Designers on staff for those specific technical questions you might have.