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Single Sink Vanities with Tops 41 to 72 Inches Wide on Sale with Free Shipping!

Remodeling your bathroom can be a time consuming and stressful activity. One of the things that can cause stress is picking out elements for the room. If you do not choose correctly, you may be stuck with an item that you do not like or is not functional to the degree you would like. Selecting a vanity can cause this type of stress, because you have so many elements to consider. Will the vanity fit properly? Will the style look right in your room and will you have enough storage space? By following a few guidelines for shopping, you can reduce the anxiety associated with your vanity purchase and increase the likelihood you will select a vanity cabinet that will last for years to come.

The first thing you should consider when selecting a vanity is size. By measuring your space, you can determine the exact size range your bathroom can support. This reduces the number of vanities you will look through and keeps you from purchasing a vanity that will not fit. You should take two measurements. The first is the width for your vanity. Measure along the wall where the vanity will go, taking into account any other items in the bathroom and your need to move about the space. Next, take a measurement from the wall out to the farthest point the vanity can come without limiting movement in the room. Remember that you may need to open drawers or doors in the front of the vanity and leave enough space for that.  For most bathroom vanities with a countertop, the largest width point is the countertop.

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Search 1000s of vanities that are offered with countertops and sinks. Use our navigation to further refine the options by size, finish color, countertop material and more to help you find the perfect bath vanity for your project. Nothing is more frustrating when shopping online than finding just the right item and at a great price and then learning that there is a shipping fee. Free shipping is offered within the contiguous United States. If the item is needed in a hurry, expedited shipping can be arranged for an extra fee.

Style and Finishing
Our cabinet selection offers a wide range of styles, from traditional to modern. You can choose from a variety of colors, counter tops, fixtures and hardware. When making all these selections, first think about how you feel personally about each piece. Then, consider how the items will look together, and finally, how they will look in your room. It is more important that you like the items and they go together than the fact that they fit your current decor perfectly, especially if you intend to make any changes to your bathroom. 

Storage Options
Storage options are an important concern for many. This is especially true if you have no other storage in your bathroom. Our cabinets come with a variety of storage options and might include cabinets, drawers or open shelving. Some include all three elements of storage. To determine what sort of storage you need, consider what you will store in the bath vanity. Towels are often best stored in cabinets or on open shelves and cosmetics generally do well in drawers. However, you should not limit yourself to the obvious. As long as you can see how you will use the storage elements, then they may be right for you. 

The last thing you should do when purchasing a vanity is double-check all the information regarding your product. Do the specifications for the sink, faucet and cabinet all match? Will they integrate with existing plumbing? You may need extra parts or tools in order to install the cabinet.

We offer Free Shipping on all single sink bathroom vanities to the 48 contiguous United States. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed!