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Round Mirrors

The Perfect Addition to Your Décor – Round Mirrors

Round mirrors offer both utility and eye-catching good looks. They can be excellent additions to any home’s décor, and they can add both a focal point as well as offering more light and the illusion of more space. You’ll also find that round mirrors offer other benefits – they take up less space than rectangular wall or floor mirrors for one thing.

What Are Round Mirrors?

Round mirrors are exactly what you think – they’re circular mirrors available in a range of sizes and styles. You’ll find them available with frames and without frames, with beveled edges and without bevels. They make excellent additions to virtually any room in your home, and the wide range of frame options available means that they can serve just as well as a work of art or focal point on your wall as a traditional mirror.

Types of Round Mirrors

Round mirrors are available in a number of types, but they’re all circular, rather than oval or oblong. Depending on the size of the mirror you choose, it can dominate a wall, or it can work as a subtle accent for your home. In any case, your mirror will provide reflectivity, spreading more light into dark rooms and opening up smaller rooms to feel larger. You’ll even find some round mirrors that can give the illusion of another window in the home – just install them on the wall opposite your existing windows.

Materials for Round Mirrors

Our selection of round mirrors includes a dizzying range of materials. All of our mirrors are made with the highest quality glass available to ensure flawless reflectivity. We also offer more than 50 different custom framing options, from copper and bronze to stainless steel, natural wood, painted glass and more. We offer woven metal, gold leaf, silver leaf, copper plating, and even glass mirrored frames to help you achieve the look and feel you want within your home.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Buying a mirror is a serious consideration and you’ll need to factor in several elements in that decision. One of the first is the size of the mirror – with round mirrors, you need to consider the diameter (as opposed to length and width, as with rectangular mirrors). Make sure you know the diameter of the mirror and the diameter of the mirror with the frame installed so you can choose the right spot in your home for installation. You should also consider the weight of the mirror added to the frame. Heavier combinations will need heavier duty installation hardware, and you’ll need a second set of hands for most installs.

Styles of Round Mirrors

Round mirrors are available in a range of different styles, thanks to our immense selection of frames. You’ll find the perfect complement to your décor whether you prefer French country, rustic American, luxurious European or something else. From sleek, streamlined modern themes to eccentric and rustic, we have exactly what you need to bring light and life to your home.