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From a small powder room to a roomy master sized suite, no bathroom is complete without a mirror. Often times it is helpful to have more than just one. The mirror over the vanity is standard in most homes. Full length mirrors are very useful in a dressing area. A medicine cabinet can add style as well as extra storage space. Mirrors in the bathroom are not only functional, but can also make a decorative impact on the space. Read More

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Bathroom Mirror Buying Guide

Finding just the right mirror for the bathroom is a fun and enjoyable experience with Unique Vanities. They offer a very wide range of styles and sizes to choose from. Each items description includes the size and what material the piece is made from. The buyers at Unique Vanities have searched and found many of the best designs in the world for mirrors. The many varieties of styles are fun to search through as many are very unusual and out of the ordinary and hard to find in an average home decor store. The addition of any of these pieces will be a helpful asset to the home as well as making a stunning impact on the look and feel of the bathrooms.

How to Measure for a Bathroom Mirror?

When figuring which mirror will be best for the space, measure the wall area to be sure picking the correct size when ordering. Guessing is not a good idea here because it is possible the mirror could be too large or too small for the area. It is important to note the different measurements: one is the dimensions of the reflective surface, the other includes the framework.

How to Install a Bathroom Mirror?

Most of the selections on this page come with brackets for hanging. Since mirrors are made of glass, plus the frame work, they can be very heavy. It is always best to locate the wall studs for attaching the hanging brackets. This creates a secure and stable installation. Most home owners can do this successfully, or a handyperson can be hired.

Design Ideas for Unique Mirrors

unique bathroom mirrors

Matching or finding a complementary mirror to go with the existing vanity will bring a feeling of cohesiveness to the bathroom. A sleek, frameless piece would look great with just about any style of décor. If the room allows for it, a more decorative piece can be hung on the wall opposite the main mirror to enable looking at the rear side of things. A slim and plain wood frame is a classic choice that will look good even when changing things in the décor of the room. A mirror framed with a bold and whimsical design will be a great way to face the day when getting ready. There are many great styles to choose from within this page, it is easy to become inspired by the different types and sizes available.

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Vanity Mirror Options Available

From classic to contemporary, from ornate to basic, the right mirror frame will be found within this page. Several of the styles can be installed in either a horizontal or vertical position. There are a few that are able to swivel from where they are attached to the wall, giving many options for the user. Many of the mirrored surfaces have a beveled edge which increases the depth enhancement and really just looks great.

Medicine Cabinets
Installing or replacing an existing medicine cabinet in the bathroom is a great way to expand the storage potential in the room. We offer many different styles, ranging from a simple classic design, to those that have special features such as built in lighting. For a large family, a cabinet with three doors is a wonderful way to make sure each person has their own space for personal storage. Several models include exterior shelves to store decorative or often used items.

Frameless Mirrors
Frameless mirrors add a clean look to your bathroom design. We offer a line that is installed with brackets which allow the mirror to be tilted. There is also a selection with beveled edges for a classic look.

Afina specializes in bathroom mirrors. Most of the line is customizable, including medicine cabinets with multiple door and frame options, traditional style mirrors with frames in 50 different finishes, frameless mirrors and tilting mirrors with brackets.

Unique Mirrors
When looking for a mirror to place above the bathroom vanity, in the dressing area or as an accent mirror, one is sure to find just what they are looking for within this amazing collection from Unique Mirrors. Their focus is traditional and transitional design styles.

Uttermost Mirrors
Adding one of the mirrors from the Uttermost collection will brighten up any space as well as add a distinctive stylish touch. They have been in the design business for several decades and have a reputation for providing high quality items with unique designs. If you want your mirror to be the focal point of your project, then check out their collection.

Howard Elliott Mirrors
The Howard Elliott Collection has been around for over a decade, providing designers and home owners great choices and quality products. They offer hundreds of mirrors. If you are looking for a custom finish, they offer a line that with 13 finish color options, including fun colors like pink and purple, perfect for a kid’s bathroom.

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