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Rectangular Mirrors

The Wide World of Rectangular Mirrors

When it comes to mirrors, the humble rectangle is the most popular shape, and for good reason. Rectangles can make a room seem larger, lift a lower ceiling, provide greater light and reflectivity, and can be used in virtually any room of the home. From the bathroom to the family room and more, you’ll find that rectangular mirrors make excellent choices.

What Are Rectangular Mirrors?

Rectangular mirrors are shaped like rectangles, although they can be virtually any size. You’ll find tall, narrow rectangles, shorter and squattier rectangles, and even rectangular mirrors with curves at the top or bottom for more visual interest.

Types of Rectangular Mirrors Offered

We offer rectangular mirrors in a wide range of types and designs to fit your lifestyle and your décor needs, including:

Wall Mirrors – We carry a wide selection of rectangular mirrors designed to be hung on the wall, from the bathroom to the bedroom to the family room.

Floor Mirrors – Floor mirrors are large, rectangular mirrors that can work equally well in your bedroom or in your den. They provide a large focal point, and lots of reflectivity.

Cheval Mirrors – Cheval mirrors might be traditionally used in the bedroom, but you can also employ them throughout your home, wherever you need more light, more space or a bit of visual interest.

Framed Mirrors – We offer more than 50 different custom framing choices for your rectangular mirrors, including wood, copper, steel and even gold and silver leaf frames.

Frameless Mirrors – Our selection of frameless rectangular mirrors is extensive, and you’ll find both beveled and unbeveled edges available, as well as decorative frameless mirrors.

Materials for Rectangular Mirrors

Our selection of rectangular mirrors features the highest quality glass for the utmost in reflectivity and flawless beauty. However, we also offer a range of materials in our frames and stands, including natural wood like mahogany, silver leaf, gold leaf, copper plate, distressed wood, painted glass and a great many others. Woven metal, embossed wood, and etched glass are just a few of the options you’ll find.

Things to Consider Before Buying

You’ll need to factor a number of considerations into your buying decision. The first such consideration is the amount of space you want to dedicate to the new mirror. Check the height and width of those rectangular mirrors you’re considering to ensure they’ll fit your room. You should also consider the mirror’s weight, as this will determine where you can hang it, and if you’ll need help or special mounting hardware. If you’re purchasing a floor mirror, you’ll need to consider the area where it will rest (the depth of the mirror). For wall mirrors or floor mirrors that will be affixed to the wall, you’ll also need to consider how it’s prepped for hanging (vertical, horizontal or both).

Styles of Rectangular Mirrors

We carry the broadest possible range of styles for our customers. You’ll find rectangular mirrors in rustic styles, as well as European and French country. You’ll discover styles that whisk you away to the canals of Venice, the hills or Rome, or the halls of Windsor Castle. You’ll also find sleek, modern creations that offer streamlined beauty and functionality. It’s all right here.