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Native Trails

Bringing together the ideals of respect for the resources of the earth and for the artists and craftsmanship is what created Native Trails. Providing an opportunity for the artisans to make their wares in a sustainable manner and make the goods available to people who appreciate fine workmanship has been the goal of this company that has been in business since 1996. Kitchen and bathroom fixtures made in the region of Central Mexico out of reclaimed material, including copper and wood, are available thanks to the practices of Native Trails.

These fine pieces of high quality workmanship and eco-friendly materials are now available through UniqueVanities.com. Providing these functional and beautiful items at great prices to the customer is something to be very proud of for our company.

Being able to furnish a home in style and through processes that are not harmful to the earth and that positively supports the creators of the items is something everyone can do now, for a delightful present and a brighter future.

The products that are delivered through Unique Vanities will make every house as beautiful as it can be and in an easy and hassle-free manner. No matter what the decor style the owner strives for, finding just the right items for the kitchen and bath that they are seeking is just what the customer service members are here for.