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Not sure where to start in searching for a new bath vanity? The best starting point is usually with dimensions, as this is the constraint for most bathroom remodels. Knowing your max width and depth allowable will help to narrow down your options. Are you planning to move any plumbing, or will you be using existing plumbing lines? This is critically important if you are using existing lines as you’ll need to ensure your new vanity will work. Next, consider the room’s style, or your personal style. Are you more traditional, modern, a little of both which is called transitional style? There’s even more choices beyond these, but this is a perfect starting point to narrow your options. If you need help, give us a call. Our expert Sales Specialist can help you find the perfect bathroom vanity! Read More

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How to Measure for a Bathroom Vanity
The best place to start is to take the height, width and depth measurements of the existing vanity. This will ensure that the new piece will fit right into the room and have the same flow and effect on the space.

Shop Vanities by Size: 12 - 30 Inches Wide
These single sink vanities are small in size, ranging from 12 to 30 inches, but they provide a lot of style and great functionality for the bathroom. The pieces in this collection include pedestal sinks designed to look like natural plant vines, and vanities that have a sleek modern style that are mounted on the wall to save space. All of these pieces are high quality in design and material and are available with free shipping.

Shop Vanities by Size: 31 - 35 Inches Wide
We have over 100 bath vanities to choose from in the size range of 31 - 35 inches wide. Our collection includes both free standing and wall mount vanity cabinets in a wide array of finishes. Before shopping for bathroom cabinetry, be sure to have an accurate measurement of both your width and depth allowance, as this is generally the first thing you need to consider.

Shop Vanities by Size: 36 - 40 Inches Wide
Do you have up to 40 inches wide for a new vanity? We offer over 250 vanities ranging from 36 - 40 inches in width, so you can maximize your allowable space. There are several bathroom vanity cabinets with offset sinks in this size range. Our dimensions include the largest measurement on each side. Most often the widest point is the countertop, but on some vanities, it could be the cabinet or base depending on any moldings

Shop Vanities by Size: 41 - 48 Inches Wide
Consumers who are looking for bath vanities with a width of 41-48 inches are sure to find just what they are looking for within this collection. This size range comes in several style and finish choices. Getting just the right size vanity is very important for making the room look good and work well. Several of the items available are wall mounted models which makes the room seem even more spacious. Matching mirrors are also provided with some of the products offered.

Shop Vanities by Size: 49 - 60 Inches Wide
Looking for either a larger single sink, or a smaller double sink vanity? This collection will fit that need. Design styles of all types are offered as well to best suit the décor of the room they are intended for. Vanities of this size offer great space for storage as well as ample countertop space. Being able to purchase a vanity that fits the room is very important to make the space look great as well as be highly functional.

Shop Vanities by Size: 61 - 72 Inches Wide
All single and double sink vanities available in sizes ranging from 61-72 inches are shown on this page. The styles range in design from rustic to contemporary to traditional in order to get just the right piece for the space. Vanities of this size offer ample room for storage and organization which is very important for the bathroom. The amount of counter top space they offer is also amazing and will make using the bathroom very convenient.

Shop Vanities by Size: 73 Plus Inches Wide

Shop Bathroom Vanity Cabinets by Finish
White Bathroom Vanities
Cherry Bathroom Vanities
Black Bathroom Vanities
Espresso Bathroom Vanities

Shop Bath Vanities without Countertops
When remodeling or designing a bathroom, many customers find just the right vanity that they are looking for, but they do not particularly like the counter top that it comes with. Unique Vanities has many options that solve this dilemma. We offer bathroom vanities without countertops, so that you can add a custom countertop yourself. Many of these same selections are offered with multiple top options too if you'd rather have a bathroom vanity set.

Read Our Bath Vanity Countertop Buying Guide

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