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Your reasons for shopping for a modern or contemporary vanity could range from new home construction to remodeling an out-of-date space. No matter why you are looking for a new vanity, you probably want to find the perfect piece for your bathroom. This means taking size, style, shape and several other factors into consideration. All of these components can cause a bit of confusion. At UniqueVanities, we strive to provide you with all the information you need to make a great bath vanity selection. To that end, we have provided the tips and buying guide below.

Size is essential when it comes to choosing a vanity. If you buy a vanity that is too big, you will lose functionality in your bathroom space and may not be able to reach or get to necessary areas of the room. If you under do it and go for the smallest available vanity, you may not be getting everything you need in a vanity. To find out a good size range for your vanity, you should figure out the maximum size your bathroom can support. First, determine a maximum width by measuring the available space along the wall where the cabinet will go. Do not forget to make allowances for space where doors must swing in and out. Second, measure out from the wall to see how deep the vanity should be. Consider your ability to move about in the room and make sure you leave enough floor space free.

Style and Finishing
Our modern and contemporary vanities offer a myriad of choices when it comes to style. Although they are all up-to-date, they range from slightly ornate to geometrically sleek. The cabinets are available in a wide range of colors, including rich browns, glossy blacks, and multiple natural tones. You can also change the style by selecting different materials for the counter top, sink or hardware. When making your selections, try to pick elements that complement each other and will be appropriate for your space. You should consider long-term enjoyment as well as a match to current fixtures and accessories.

Storage Options
Storage options are always a big concern when looking at this type of furniture. If you do not have any other storage in your bathroom, your vanity will become the place to stash necessary supplies, towels and other items. If you have a closet or shelving in your bathroom, then you may be able to ignore storage options and concentrate solely on design elements within the vanity. Our modern and contemporary vanities come with several different storage options. Cabinets, in-cabinet shelving, open shelving and various sized drawers offer plenty of storage opportunities. To select the layout that is right for you, simply consider what items you need to store and how they might best be organized.

Finally, you should conduct an overall review of the technical specifications for the elements within your vanity selection. Will sink, counter, cabinet and fixtures all work together? Will they all work with your existing plumbing and space? Modern bathroom vanities create a sense of openness and will add a beautiful clean feeling to any bathroom project. That is why modern bathroom vanities are one of the most popular styles among bathroom vanities right now. When shopping online, you will find a fantastic selection of contemporary bathroom vanities that are available in an amazing range of sizes, styles, levels of form and function.