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A modern bathroom vanity can bring your entire bathroom to life. Even if you have a small space, we offer plenty of lovely and luxurious vanities to choose from. In order to get the most from your bathroom, however, you need to fill it with quality elements that are right for the space. To assist you in selecting the perfect vanity for your space, we have provided the shopping guide with tips below. Read More

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Modern Bath Vanity Buying Guide

How to Measure a Bathroom Vanity - Sizing
The most important aspect of shopping for a new vanity is knowing what will fit in your space. You need to have a maximum width and depth and conduct your search within those parameters. Not only will this save time because you are not looking at vanities that are impossible for your space, but it will also ensure you purchase a well-fitting vanity. First, you should understand how wide your vanity can be. Measure the space along your wall where the vanity will go. Take into account the need to access plumbing and avoid covering space where doors, vents or other items are. Next, measure out from the wall to determine how deep the vanity can be. Remember to account for movement through the room and the ability to open and close storage in the vanity cabinet. Finally, think about how high you want the vanity to be. If you have existing vanities, you can measure them to get an idea of dimensions.

Style and Finishing
Our line of contemporary single vanities with tops offers simple and clean lines in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Ultimately, you want to choose a cabinet that meets your needs and fits your personal style. Although it is important for the vanity to integrate into existing decor, it is equally important that the cabinet will be likely to function with any future design changes you make. You can also tweak the style of many of our pieces by making sink, counter top or hardware selections.

Storage Options
Of course, you will need to consider storage options. Our modern sink vanities come with cabinets, drawers and shelves. Some selections have very little in the way of storage. Others offer numerous places to stash your stuff. You will need to consider how many items and what type of items you need to store in the vanity. If you already have storage space in your bathroom, you can choose a vanity solely on style. If you have no storage options in your bathroom, you may need to place storage over style.

Once you narrow your selection down to one or two possible vanities, you will need to make sure to dot the i's and cross the t's. In vanity shopping, this means conducting a final review to ensure all pieces will work together. Do the specifications for the sink, faucet and cabinets match? Will the cabinet fit in the room without covering any essential electrical, heating or cooling spaces?