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Ceramic Vessel Sink Buying Guide
When people hear the words vessel sink, they most often picture the bowl-like sink that sits on top of the counter. What you might not realize is that a vessel sink can be mounted multiple ways, providing versatility and beauty for almost any bathroom. Your ceramic vessel sink choice will depend on factors like how big your cabinet is and what type of plumbing you desire. The wrong selection will result in poor design and even infringe upon functionality. To assist you in choosing the correct sink for your area, we offer the ceramic vessel sink buying guide below.

Type of Mount
First, you need to know how you will be mounting the sink. You can mount it on top of the counter like a bowl. You can also mount it under the counter to provide a more traditional appearance. You may want to recess the sink partially into the counter as well. Once you know how you want to mount the sink, you can narrow your choices to sinks that allow that type of installation.

Size and Height
When purchasing a vessel sink, you want to make sure it is appropriate for the size of your cabinet. For example, a very small vanity is not going to support an oversized, 36-inch sink. Not only will the design look a bit ridiculous, but also the miss-matched size might even cause issues with functionality. You also want to be sure the depth of the sink works with your cabinet space and existing fixtures.

Faucet and Drain
If you will be purchasing fixtures to go with your sink, then you need to pick the right faucet and drain. Top mounted vessel sinks require a specialized fixture that comes up from the counter top enough to clear the sink appropriately. Often, these faucets are sold specifically for vessel sinks. Most vessel sinks do not have a secondary overflow, so you will want to purchase a drain that does not have an overflow.

Ceramic vessel sinks make a great choice for almost any bathroom. They mix well with stone counter tops and go with almost any color and style. Ceramic is also easy to maintain and clean.

Shape and Color
Our vessel sink selection includes standard bowl-like shapes as well as oval, square and rectangular. If you are looking for a modern or unique style for your vanity area, you might want to consider a short and blocky top-mount sink. We also offer a variety of colors including a range of natural stone, colored glass and copper.

Plumbing Concerns
Plumbing is a big concern when you install any sink. It is especially important when you are installing a top mount or partially recessed vessel sink. You will need a counter top that has the appropriate sized cut out and you will also want a counter that supports a single hole faucet configuration. You will not be able to mount a top mount vessel sink on a counter that is prepared for a traditional under mount sink.