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You should consider many different elements when selecting a vanity for your bathroom. Our selection offers both single and double sink vanities that are created from the best materials available. Our goal is to provide vanities that will last for years to come. However, the only way for you to enjoy the vanity for many years is to make sure the piece is the right choice for your bathroom space and personal needs. In order to help you find the right vanity, we have provided the buying guide and tips below.  And buying bath vanity sets simplifies the decision making process!

Your vanity needs to fit your bathroom space. This means it fits the wall area, does not hinder passage throughout the bathroom and is comfortable enough for daily use. Measure the available wall space to get an idea for the width of your vanity. You do not have to fill up the entire space, but this will give you an idea of how big you can go. Remember to take into account swinging doors and other items. Next, figure out how far you want your vanity to come out from the wall. Make sure you leave enough space for moving functionally within the bathroom. Finally, decide about how high you want the vanity to be. Make sure the height will work for everyone in the house.  Floating vanities can be adjusted for height.

Style and Finishing
When looking at style and finish, you want to match the vanity to the rest of your space but leave enough versatility so the cabinet will incorporate well with future design changes. You will need to consider the counter top. Do you want marble, granite, glass, travertine or ceramic? You can also choose from nickel, chrome, stainless steel, bronze or brass hardware and fixtures. You may be able to choose from different sinks. Overall, you want the entire piece to be seamless and complementary to the room.  Bathroom vanity combo sets help with this too.

Storage Options
Once you decide on style, color and size, you should consider storage options. Figure out what you will need to keep within the vanity and select an appropriate configuration of drawers, cabinets and shelves. For example, if you already have a linen closet in your bathroom, then you will not need large open spaces for towels. You might consider a vanity that is all drawers so you can store small personal items and beauty products. If you do not have a linen cabinet and the vanity of your choice does not have enough storage options, you can always purchase matching storage pieces like side cabinets, medicine cabinets and wall shelves. We offer these items for some of our bathroom vanity selections.

The final consideration you need to give your bathroom vanity selection has to do with plumbing and other technical elements within your bathroom. Your vanity must conform to existing plumbing specifications or you may need to purchase additional pieces to integrate the cabinet and sink into your bathroom. Additionally, you want to keep the vanity away from any heating elements an avoid blocking power outlets and light switches. 

We offer Free Shipping on all bathroom vanity sets to the 48 contiguous United States. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed!