Narrow [Shallow] Depth Bathroom Vanities

We find that many homeowners, particularly in older homes, need a bathroom vanity that is narrow in depth due to room size, or issues with the angle of the door swing. Our goal is to help our clients with these hard to find constraints. We identify narrow depth bathroom vanities as anything that is 20 inches or less in depth. We offer hundreds that meet these criteria, including a selection under 15 inches deep. Another alternative is to consider purchasing a vanity without a countertop. This allows you to customize the countertop size, which is most often the largest dimension on most pre-made vanity cabinets. Read More

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Bath Vanities without Tops

When remodeling or designing a bathroom, many clients prefer a more custom look. If you'd prefer to find a vanity that you can add your own countertop too, check out this collection. These vanities are sold with our without a top and or sink, and many have more than one countertop to choose from. It’s more cost effective to purchase one with the countertop, unless you have excess counter top material from other projects.

Empire Industries
The line of vanities offered by Empire Industries includes classic styles as well as contemporary models that any homeowner will appreciate having in their homes. The high quality pieces reflect the 25 years of experience Empire Industries has in the bathroom design field. Aside from the amazing vanities they create, they also make matching mirrors to complete the look of the bathroom. They offer many small and narrow depth options too.

Bellaterra Home
Bellaterra Home is a company that has been providing quality pieces and design to the bathroom vanity space for many years. They have an understanding that this area of the bathroom is nice when it is furnished with an eye for both beauty and function. The design styles within this collection are created for many different types of room decor, from modern to traditional. You will also find a nice selection of narrow depth cabinets.

Fresca is a leader in the bathroom furniture field because they understand the importance of style and functionality in the room where people start off the day. The items made by Fresca create a spacious feel within the room. The clean design lines work well within many different types of decor and offer great functionality. The modern styles have clean lines that will look great for many years to come.

Legion Furniture
The manufacturing process used by Legion Furniture shows in the high quality pieces that they produce. The vanities sink bowls and mirrors bring great functionality to the bathroom as well as adding great style. The company is based in California and has made a positive impact in the field of bathroom furniture manufacturing.

Tips for Remodeling Small Bathrooms

When thinking about remodeling the bathroom, there are many things to keep in mind. The size of the space is one thing that cannot be changed, but there are many ways to work with the area that will make it look spacious and that will enhance the functionality. This article provides some ideas on how to work with limited space.

The selections available on this page include models that have a narrow depth, meaning they do not stand out as far from the wall. This can make a big difference within the space and flow of the bathroom. There are some vanity bases that are shorter in length, but also many that are quite long but still hug closer to the wall. Wall mounted units are also a good choice for smaller bathrooms. Not taking up floor space makes an impact in the room.

Options Available

Within this website are a very nice selection of vanities in a variety of designs and finishes. It is easy to choose from among the different choices of wood tones or shades of white where available with the drop down menu buttons. There is a very wide range of style, from sleek modern pieces to traditional or country. Sinks and counter tops created just for these pieces are available to complete the look and functionality. Ordering without a top is also an option.


Making the desired selections can be done online or a message can be sent if more information or assistance is needed with the process. Finding just the right piece within the choices available will get the remodeling or replacement job done with ease.  This process will bring style, storage and great functionality to the powder room, office restroom or master bath with great economy and convenience.

Materials and Maintenance

Created with high quality natural woods or highly durable MDF covered with laminate veneer, the pieces available at Unique Vanities will enhance the value of the home as well as hold up very for years to come. Care and cleaning of all components is easy and can be done with common household products. Using lemon oil or furniture polish will help protect the wood in the moist environment of a bathroom. Using special granite cleaners and sealing the marble will keep the surfaces looking their best.


It is important to take measurements of the space where the vanity is to be installed. Width, height and depth must be accurately determined to ensure the best fit for the spot. The base proportions are listed in the descriptions so it is easy to find which one will be the best fit for the space and to see how well it fits in relation to other items in the room.


The vanities available here are all pre-cut in the back to make installing them easier. The water lines and drain pipes can be connected by an experienced home owner or a professional plumber. The sink is often the focal point of a bathroom or powder room and replacing an older one while remodeling makes a major impact.

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