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Buying Guide for Bathroom Faucets
Often, your faucet is at the center of your vanity space. It is a small thing, but it can pack a big punch when it comes to style and functionality. No matter how clean your counter top and sink are, if your faucet is grimy or spotty, the area does not appear to be maintained. Likewise, if the faucet does not fit the style or space, then you run the risk of creating a mish-mash look. In order to make sure you can enjoy the elegance and functionality of your faucet, it is important to make the right fixture selection.

Length of Spout
Length of spout is very important when choosing a faucet. First, you must ensure that the length of the spout is appropriate for your area and sink choice. If you have a large mirror that hangs right above the sink, then a tall spout may not be the right choice. Tall spouts are also not the best choice for small, shallow sink situations, as the water can splash out of the basin. Short spouts do not always work with a vessel sink, especially if it is top mounted. In addition to functionality, you also need to think about style. An elegant and curved longneck spout provides a completely different image than a shorter, more traditional bathroom sink fixture.

Next to spout comes configuration. No matter how much you fall in love with a fixture, if it will not fit your sink or vanity, then it does you no good. If your sink calls for a side mount faucet, then you should not select a center faucet. To ensure that your faucet fits your sink, you need to match up the number of holes in the sink or vanity to the fixture configuration. A faucet that fits a single hole configuration usually has a single mounting point. The spout is mounted to the sink and the water control valves, handles or knobs are attached to the spout. Often, single-lever faucets come with this type of configuration. Alternatively, a faucet that comes with a spout and two separate water controls fits a three hole configuration.

With a three hole configuration, spread is important. Spread is the distance from the water control handle or knobs to the faucet. If the fixture comes with completely separate knobs, then spread is less important. However, if the spout and two knobs are mounted on the same base, then matching spread is essential for a functional installation.

No bathroom selection would be complete without considering finish and color. After all, if you purchased a vanity or sink, you must have thought about what color you wanted. The same holds true with fixtures. Our faucets are available in a variety of finishes, including antique brass and high polished chrome. You should consider your overall design and the finish on any other fixtures within your bathroom. Most people do like all their fixtures to match, so you may want to avoid selecting a chrome faucet if your other fixtures are oil rubbed bronze.