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Trough Sinks

Having a sink installed in a bar area can make things very nice while entertaining. With water and a drain hook up right at the bar, the bartender will not have to make extra trips to the kitchen sink. The addition of a trough sink will improve the area immensely. The long and shallow design is perfect for the bar because a deep sink is not required. The length will make it easy to use from any position behind the bar.

Type of Mount
Generally a trough has a top mount installation. This means that the sink is placed within the hole cut out for it on the countertop. The lip edge of the sink itself covers the cut edge of the hole, giving a neat appearance as well as providing a seal so that the water will not reach the areas under the counter.

Size and Height
A sink of this style is generally made with a shallow bowl. It is perfect for areas where a deep sink is not required. It is generally used for preparation of drinks and garnishes, so a bowl with depth is not needed. A trough sink is long to make access easy from different lengths of the bar area.

Faucet and Drain
This type of sink is hooked up to water lines and the drain as any other standard sink. Some models are designed with a u-shape that has a drain at each end. Both drains empty into the same drain pipe under the sink.

Shape and Color
A trough is by definition a long container. The trough sinks are available in rectangular shapes and u-shapes. The materials used are commonly copper. Sometimes the copper is the natural antique hue with a patina that looks better with age. The copper material can be covered with a finish that has a brushed nickel tone for a more modern look.

Plumbing Concerns
A trough sink is installed and works like any standard sink. On the models with two drains, each hole is connected to a single pipe that drains into the main line.

The choice of installing a trough sink to a kitchen prep area or bar setting is a wise one. It will bring great convenience to the users of the space and will increase the value of the home as anyone who sees it will notice what a nice amenity it is in the home. The customer service representatives at Unique Vanities are there to help with finding just the right trough sink and to answer any questions about installation and materials used in the construction of the piece.